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"Lot's of people, like me, don't think of themselves as particularly creative when it comes to home decorating and design so tend to change their surroundings infrequently. I certainly never thought of the bedroom as one of the rooms I needed to worry about until I read this book. I always figured it didn't matter because "nobody ever sees it" except me, and my husband. I realized how wrong I was once given the tools from this book to inspire me and guide me to make changes not only in my bedroom decor but in my love life as well."

                                         Sue Flannery, Costa Mesa, California


 Our book, Passion by Design guides you through the process of igniting your life by cultivating and incorporating the senses. 

Do you crave the elegance and old-world charm of a Parisian apartment, the breezy pleasures of a tropical getaway, the sultry, exotic lair of a Moroccan escape?  From simple to sumptuous…this is a fun, playful, and exciting system for creating a more romantic, beautiful life and surroundings.

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"Passion by design sets the reader on a spellbinding journey that ignites new ideas for romantic living with every page!  As visionary decorating secrets are reveled romantic scenes, worthy a steamy romance novel,  paint beautiful pictures to help couples bring their fantasy love lives to a place - that can take their breath away.  A must read for anyone ready for ‘swoop her up, melt and sizzle’ romance."  –

Rhonda Ricardo, author of Cherries Over Quicksand and freelance columnist for The North County Times/The Californian 

Passion By Design
We invite you to ignite your life by awakening your senses while creating your surroundings!

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