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Passion Quiz

Take the quiz to reveal the current state of your romantic relationship! 
  •  Print out this page by going to "File" at the top of your browser, then "Print" Circle the letter that is most like your relationship, today. 
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1) When did you last change the furnishings in your bedroom?

   a) Recently

   b) 3 years ago.

   c) 4-15 years ago.

   d) 15-? years ago

2) You would describe your sex life as

   a) Romantic and adventurous

   b) Routine

   c) Needing a little kick start

3) Your bedroom is

   a) Beautiful and a pleasure to be in

   b) Only okay, same old, same old

   c) Difficult and needs work

4) Making love with your lover usually involves

   a) One favorite position and location

   b) A couple of sure fire positions

   c) A number of different positions and locations

5) When you are in public with your partner

   a) You hold hands

   b) Hesitate to show affection

   c) Are spontaneous with kisses and other signs of affection

 6) When you and your mate kiss you,

   a) Still feel that spark

   b) Feel nothing

   c) Feel safe and content

7) When you argue with your lover

   a) It’s resolved quickly to get it out of the way

   b) It lasts for days

   c) Argue until you reach a satisfying compromise

8) In bed, you typically wear

   a) A nightgown, tee shirt and shorts, or pajamas

   b) A sexy negligee

   c) Something you know your lover thinks is cute on you

   d) Nothing at all

9) The state of my marriage/relationship is:

   a) Passionate, adventurous.

   b) Happy, comfortable, but could benefit from a new spark.

   c) Boring

10) How often do you praise or compliment the one you love?

   a) Every day

   b) 2-3 times a week

   c) A couple times a month or less

   d) It’s been so long, I can’t remember when

11) How was sex on your last vacation together?

   a) Mind blowing, extremely satisfying.

   b) Satisfying, pleasant.

   c) Disappointing or didn’t happen

12) How much thought went into love making in planning your vacation?

   a) The focal point, including the purchase of new lingerie.

   b) A passing thought, but restaurants/shopping were important, too.

   c) Didn’t cross your mind

13) What happened when you arrived home from your vacation?

   a) The romance and sex continued.

   b) The passion lasted for a few days…maybe a few weeks.

   c) Nothing changed when we got back to our old routine

14) Does your appearance affect your feelings about having sex?

   a) I’m not an attractive person

   b) Yes, I’m not attractive enough to be desired, I need to lose 10 lbs.

   c) Some days I feel sexy, other times I don’t

   d) I’m extremely desirable just the way I am

15) How much time do you and you partner spend making your bedroom


   a) Add or move things seasonably

   b) Ignore for the most part

   c) Make changes regularly, even if only fresh flowers

   d) Have not even noticed how it looks for years

16) How often do you surprise you lover with something out of the ordinary…

       an unexpected date, a special dinner, a gift, a new toy?

   a) Sometimes

   b) Hardly ever

   c) Often

   d) All the time

17) How often does your lover surprise you with something special?

   a) Sometimes

   b) Never

   c) Often

   d) All the time

18) In your relationship, you

   a) Tend to take your partner for granted

   b) Look forward to being with your partner and make time for it

   c) Go through stages of being passionately in love, other times you’re just

        good companions

   d) Try your best to make romance and love the focus of your relationship

   on an ongoing basis

19) When your lover wants to try something new in bed, you

   a) Are nervous but go along with it

   b) Look forward to it…anything goes

   c) Refuse, but offer him something else

   d) Say no, and hope that it doesn’t offend him

   e) Are outraged, even angry with him

20) How often do you think about your lover in a romantic way, throughout

       the day?

   a) Sometimes

   b) Rarely

   c) Often

   d) All the time, it’s never far from your thoughts

21) You and your mate’s communication is

   a) Usually good

   b) Open and clear

   c) Sometimes obstructed by outside influences

   d) Not clear, needs work

22) In decorating your home

   a) You make all the decisions and he goes along with it

   b) He makes all the decisions and you go along with it

   c) You usually make decisions together

   d) Love to design and shop together for your home

   e) It’s the joining of your things when you became a couple

23) Your children

   a) Always knock before entering your bedroom

   b) Are informed that Mom and Dad need their “love and quiet time”

   c) Barge in without warning (where’s the lock!)

   d) Sleep with you

   e) Do not have children, does not apply

24) When you make love, you

   a) Are quiet, but the sex is good

   b) Are comfortable making passionate sounds

   c) Scream with delight at the point of no return (the big “O”)

   d) Stifle any and all love making noises

25) You believe

   a) That the key to a long lasting relationship is love, sex, and romance

   b) That love is a commitment that needs constant attention

   c) There’s no such thing as forever romance and sexual excitement 

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Quiz Tabulation

 question  a  b  c  d  e


 1  3  2  1  0    
 2  3  2  1      
 3  2  3  2      
 4  1  2  3      
 5  2  1  3      
 6  3  02        
 7  1  1  3      
 8  1  3  2  3    
 9  3  2  1      
 10  3  2  1  0    
 11  3  2  1      
 12  3  2  1  0    
 13  3  2  0      
 14  0  1  2  3    
 15  2  1  3  0    
 16  2  0  3  3    
 17  2  0  3  3    
 18  1  3  2  3    
 19  2  3  1  1  0  
 20  2  1  3  3    
 21  2  3  1  1    
 22  1  1  3  3  0  
 23  2  3  0  0  
 24  1  3  4  0    
 25  4  3  0      

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