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Fantasy Bedrooms    

This page is devoted to providing you with new romantic fantasies that offer you possibilities for a titilating new bedroom...and love life. 
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Tropical Island Retreat          



Is there any place more relaxing than a tropical island? Sun-kissed days are spent in lazy repose by the ocean. Palm trees stir in the Trade Winds, kissing your skin with a cooling breeze. Beads of sweat and coconut scented lotion illuminate your body. The rhythm of the ocean lulls you into a state of bliss, unlike any other. Love abounds on these tropical island retreats…let’s bring it home, into your paradise…your own master suite. 

First get in touch with your most pleasurable experience, memory, or perhaps someplace you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Search the travel magazines to get a feel for the tropical retreat you want to create. 

Describe in full sensory detail the environment you desire, equating it with a fantasy experience you might dream of having. 

Did you know…women (or men) who read romance novels have better love lives? Not surprising, since the greatest sex organ in humans is the brain…sorry guys! 

Revealing the body is important to this fantasy. It’s time to fall in love with your body. Love the body you have and seek health and wellness in every aspect of your life. 

One couple we know made a commitment to a wonderful lifetime nutritional adventure that helped them release unwanted inches and gave them energy and a sense of well-being. They found themselves strongly attracted to each other, with passion as alive as it was when they first met. 

Bodies…all of us have them! It’s vital we do everything in our power to feel as physically good as we possibly can. Our bodies are the lenses through which we see and experience our world. Everything is influenced by how we feel in our bodies. When you have a throbbing headache, it’s difficult to not see everything through that pain, that veil of grayness and discomfort, or even depression. When your body is healthy and you feel clean, strong, and vital, the whole world feels alive and full of possibility! You can do anything, conquer anything, imagine and create anything! 

For ideas about re-energizing your physical health and increasing your passion, visit the Passion Nutrition page of this website

Tropical retreats embrace the senses with fragrant flowers, the fresh smell of the ocean, stunning sunsets, the sound of the waves and palm fronds whistling from the trade winds. 

Delicious island drinks and ripe, mouth-watering fruits make the taste buds whimper with delight. The landscape, the colors, the vibrant movement of nature, is all an exciting starting point, a blueprint waiting to be created in your own romantic tropical island retreat. 

Listen! Do you hear it? The sound of the conch shell being blown to announce the beautiful island setting yet to come! 

Rhonda Ricardo wrote: "Love your book!!! It sure changed my surroundings... chose the tropical theme... told my man it's like we live in the romantic tropics outside too now... bird & butterflies, MANY different flowers and tropical plants everywhere... thank you for your book Sandy and Paula... oh.. and lit the tiki torches and played the surf music this weekend too! Woo hoo!!

Now let's create your own Tropical Island Bedroom 

where all your romantic dreams come true.

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"Even during lovemaking, the French say that one must wear a bit of clothing 'very little, if you like, but something.'"

-Edith Kunz 

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appreciate your gift. The other option (if you just can’t

part with it) is to put it into storage to give you time to

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